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    Each year the Geneva Motor Show looks into the future of the automobile industry: as well as exceptional designs and the latest features, this also means engines with ever lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Soulcare Advanced Driving

AudiDriverTraining3Get a taste of what makes Soulcare Advanced Driving the premier driver education in South Africa. Watch any person who has been driving for more than a year or two and you will probably be able to see several potentially life threatening errors in the way they drive..... But, with all due respect, this of course assumes that the person doing the looking actually knows what they are looking for!Unfortunately, it is a fact of life:


Humans are inherently lazy and more especially so when it comes to repetitive tasks, and driving -- no matter how potentially lethal -- is often seen in this light. People forget or choose to ignore the fact that if, for example, an emergency happened ahead, while they were driving along with only one hand on the steering wheel, their chances of avoiding a crash are significantly reduced.Why do so many people ignore the risks?


Because emergencies of this nature happen just rarely enough for us not to remain alert to the possibility. And this lack of alertness -- this state of lazy attitude and "it won't happen to me" -- are a major factor in the 15000 ( some say 25000) deaths that happen each year on South Africa’s roads and in the millions of deaths that happen each year on roads all over the world.Programs on offer:

1) Collision Avoidance Training
2) Eco-driving
3) Driver Induction




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